Flight Plans In Hand!

Yay!! Things are moving along, I spoke to my OB's office yesterday and learned the 2 cultures processed through them came back negative, so they're just fine. I need to sign some release form so they can go ahead and fax those on over to Fran. I also had an e-mail from my IF in my inbox this morning saying he'd found an e-mail from Travelocity in his trash bin about our flight info; so I looked in my trash bin and sure enough there was the e-mail! So, we officially have flights scheduled! We'll leave for the Philadelphia airport at 7:00am on Thursday May 11th, and arrive there just after 9am. We'll depart the Philly airport just after 2:00pm on Friday May 12th and should get back to Atlanta by 4:20 - just in time for rush hour traffic!! Oh joy! :)

I'm super excited that we have the dates set, and though I haven't heard back from Fran, I'm assuming that means she went ahead and got confirmation for all of the neccessary appointments at Cooper for Thursday before scheduling the flights.

I'll update as soon as I know more!


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