Getting ready for upcoming testing!

I spoke to Fran this morning, it's taken awhile but I think I've FINALLY gotten an understanding of what's going on, and what's coming up!

I will have 4 cultures done today - I will send 2 of the cultures to Memorial (the OB will take the specimen and give it back to me, I will FedEx it tonight using the culturette kit and lab orders sent to me by Fran), and the other 2 will be sent through the OB's lab and through my insurance (unless they don't feel comfortable using my insurance, in which case I will give them the gurantor letter I was sent)!

Fran said everything is scheduled for May 5th at Cooper, and I have a 1:30 consultation for me and Kenneth with the pyschologist - that means we're going to try to get EVERYTHING done by like 12:30 at Cooper, so we'll start pretty early. I have a sonohystogram first thing (not pleasant, but neccessary), followed by my infectious bloodwork and I don't know what after that. Fran said T&I are sending funds over today, and after that goes through we'll get the airfare lined up and we'll be set to go!! YAY!!

I just can't belive how it's all coming together so smoothly, and I am sooo very excited as we pass each little milestone - I feel that much closer to the ulitmate goal. Only 16 more days until Kenneth and I fly out and can finally meet T and I in person! I can't wait!


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