About my PIPs

I sent an application in to Fran at A Woman's Gift mid March 2006, and heard back the next week. We spoke over the phone for an hour, and she set me up with a teleconference that same weekend. I spoke to T&I, and just loved them immediatley! They seemed laid back, had a great sense of humor, were very open, and we shared the same feelings in regards to transfers, contact during/after and other important issues. Now I am anxiously waiting news from Fran about what the next step is! T&I have e-mailed and called Fran to let her know we'd like to move on to testing, we're just waiting her reply.

T&I have been e-mailing me daily and we've exchanged numerous pictures, and spoke a couple times. My IM called me at work on Friday April 7th just to check in and let me know they hadn't heard back from Fran yet. (Fran was on vacation for a week and a half and didn't get back until April 6th).

I hope to have an update soon!!


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