Toad in the Hole Bacon Breakfast Sandwich for #SundayFunday

Welcome to #SundayFunday! Wendy from A Day In The Life on The Farm invited fellow bloggers to kick back, relax, and share something tasty and fun each weekend. "Sunday should be a Family Funday. Please join us in sharing recipes that will help you to enjoy your Sunday." If you're a blogger interested in joining us, just visit our Facebook group and request to join!

Today our #SundayFunday group is hosted by Mayuri of Mayuri’s Jikoni; she said: "FEBRUARY is the coldest month. It is also the US national hot breakfast month, to encourage people to enjoy a hot substantial nutritious hot breakfast rather than just cereal."

In my house carbs + eggs + bacon + cheese (in some way, shape, or form) equals a much loved breakfast. Warm, satisfying, stick to your ribs, and always happy on the tongue!

I saw a recipe for a Toad In The Hole breakfast sandwich and thought it would be a fun twist on your basic bacon and egg breakfast sandwich, plus I haven't made Toad in the Hole in forever - so this was the perfect opportunity! It did not disappoint. It's hard to go wrong when you stick with tasty basics. The bread is wonderfully crisped and toasted, the egg with just a slightly runny center (you can cook more / less to reach your preferred level of "doneness") and that wonderfully chewy salty bacon with the melty cheese. It's breakfast perfection. 

Join us today and get some hot breakfast inspiration from all our talented blogging friends! 

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Toad in the Hole Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

2 slices of bread (sourdough works well, I used regular honey wheat loaf bread)
1 egg
2 slices bacon
salt and pepper
1 slice of cheese (your preference, I used pepperjack)

  1. Cook the bacon to  your preferred level of crispiness in a large nonstick skillet. Pour off all excess grease, but do not wipe clean.
  2. Use a glass or biscuit cutter to cut out a circle in one slice of bread. Butter the bread and place it, butter side down, in the skillet. Give it a couple minutes to brown, and then flip it. 
  3. Crack the egg and pour it into the center of the bread. Sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper.
  4. Butter the other slice of bread, and add it to the skillet butter side down. Place the bacon, and cover with cheese atop this piece.
  5. Cover the skillet with a lid to help the egg cook through and set, and to melt the cheese. Adjust the temperature as needed so the bread does not burn.
  6. If the egg doesn't fully cook through, or you want it a little more "done" on top, flip it gently to finish cooking.
  7. When cheese is melted and egg is set, slide the bread with the bacon and cheese out, and place the toad in the hole slice on top. 
  8. Slice in half, if desired, and enjoy! 


  1. Oooh, I'm with you, Rebekah. Anything with egg, bacon and cheese. Your breakfast sandwich is right up my alley!

  2. Breakfast sandwiches are always welcome here in the morning too. This will be a fun change of pace.

  3. Wow Rebekah, what a brilliant idea. Mine with egg and cheese and for hubby with crispy bacon. Got to give this recipe a try.

  4. That is a very interesting and practical tidbit of knowledge. I cannot express how grateful I am that you just provided us with this valuable information. Please keep us updated like this. I am grateful that you shared.


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