Eat the Pantry Challenge ~ Week 3

We started off this week with a small purchase at the grocery store - soy sauce, baking soda and bananas. We still did have some fruit (apples and oranges) so I probably should have skipped the bananas - but I eat one pretty much every day for breakfast so I bent the rules, a little!

See week 1 here, and week 2 here.

This week the pantry, fridge and freezer started out like this:

It's crazy how much cooking we've been doing, and yet how small of a dent I feel like we've been making! I thought for sure I would see a noticeable dent in SOMETHING by now - and though my grocery list continues to grow with things we've used up, it still feels like the pantry and freezer are still really full! I think this proves to me that we are using up the staples that we always use, and what continues to remain are all the "extras" that we just don't typically go through often or quickly. Things we bought for one reason or another, and then forgot about, and haven't made a point to use subsequently. I'm going to make a point to take the frozen lunches to work since those have been pretty much ignored for awhile. A lot of the smaller things in the freezer and pantry have been eaten; like the egg rolls and miscellaneous packages of chips / crackers, etc.

We discovered the joys of homemade bread again - I haven't made any in a long time and we were needing some buns and didn't have any so I made a batch. It was WONDERFUL and works for sandwiches, hamburgers, and dinner rolls. Love having a multi-purpose item like that in my arsenal! I am thinking it might become a staple around the house; it is so much better than store bought, I imagine a lot more cost effective, and I don't have to have 3 different packages of bread products since it covers so many!


Recipes we enjoyed this week (and we were still finishing up leftovers from last week):

Jill's Pork Tenderloin

Fluffy Homemade Hamburger Buns (great for burgers, sloppy joes, shredded BBQ, sandwiches, dinner rolls, garlic cheesy bread... and on, and on!)

Creamy Shrimp and Mushroom Pasta with salad

Easy Honey Mustard Mozzarella Chicken with Macaroni and Cheese

Cheddar and Bacon Chicken Sausages (baked in leftover honey mustard sauce from the chicken) with pasta salad (Caesar Suddenly Salad from the pantry) and frozen mixed veggies

Steak with sweet potato casserole, fried okra, salad, and cheesy garlic bread

Oat-rageous chocolate chip cookies


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