Lindsey Rose - 5 1/2 Month Old Pictures - Hats and Tutus!

Oh aren't baby girls fun to dress up?! Well, I certainly think so - and in moderation I think Miss Lindsey Rose thinks so too! She seems to love the attention and interaction and crazy noises and faces I make at her while we're playing dress up for picture time!

Her Nana gave us about 5 handmade crotched hats with adorable bows and ribbons on them while I was still pregnant with her, and she doesn't get a chance to wear them out all that often, so I wanted to take some pictures to capture her wearing all the cute hats before she outgrows them! I love all the various expressions I caught her making as well - she is so expressive with her faces, noises, and movements.

I bought a couple different tutus recently - but this is the first time I put one on Lindsey - she wanted to eat it the whole time; well until big brother popped in the room and distracted her and got a bunch of big grins out of her! She is sitting up so well now! She held a seated position for at least a couple minutes while I snapped away before she toppled and subsequently went about trying to put the tutu into her mouth. Mmm.. tasty!! :)

I still need to get a piece of baseboard to make my home photo "studio" pictures look better and it will give me something to attach the fabric backdrops to so they'll hang straighter, but in the mean time I'm just enjoying playing around with what I have! I love weekend picture days!



  1. What a precious little doll! Thanks for sharing.


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