Happy Valentine's Day!

Our baby princess is nearly 5 months old (in just 3 more days) and I had about the best time over the past week taking some Valentine's Day pictures of her and had to share them. She is so much fun to photograph!! She finds "picture time" generally very amusing - she likes all the attention and interaction and finds all the crazy noises and faces I make at her very entertaining to say the least!

Atlanta received more snow and ice this week, so I was off from work from Tuesday through Thursday and was able to get some wonderful quality time in with all of my family. I loved having those extra days with them! Kent really enjoyed the snow - he went out and played in it quite a bit. He even took the camera out and took a bunch of pretty fantastic pictures of the ice on Wednesday! I was very impressed - I think I'm rubbing off on him a little with my love of photography. He's got a good eye that one. :) I also had the chance to cook and bake quite a bit which makes me happy!

With the recommendation of her pediatrician, our little girl has just started on solid food - and we think maybe, just maybe, it's going to help her start sleeping a little longer at night. She's on a formula that's very broken down (she has a milk protein allergy) and it doesn't taste very good either, so she never eats very much at a time. Now that she can eat a little cereal with a little fruit or vegetable mixed in, she is excited about eating, and has slept really well two nights in a row (knock on something)! I really hope being able to get more in her tummy in the evenings is what she needs to be able to sleep more than 3 hours at a time - for her sake and her sleep-deprived mommy and daddy's sakes as well!

I'm already working on ideas for her "5 month" pictures to take this weekend - I'll have to see what we can come up with for her. :)


  1. Adorable!!! I can't decide on my favorite! Such a cutie.

  2. Boy, if she isn't her mommy's little girl! She is a mini you for sure, and so cute. You do such a great job on the photos and can't wait to see what you come up with for the next photo shoot.

    Our eldest son lives in Alpharetta, so I know all about the ice and snow. Hope it goes away soon. Our family is in the Chicago area and we have been inundated with about 5 1/2 feet of snow this year. along with lots of sub zero temperatures as well. Nicor, our gas provider, is doing a happy dance at headquarters, especially since they increased the rates when the temperatures dipped to almost 20 below.
    Thanks again for posting photos of your little bundle of love.

  3. Wow, I can't believe she is 5 months! The pics with the lips is such a cute idea!

  4. Thank you! We think she's a cutie pie - I had fun playing with all the different props and backgrounds. It's amazing how quickly the days pass and how fast they change - it's fun to have these picture memories to hang on to and I know I'll love looking back on them in the years to come.


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