Happy 5 Months Lindsey Rose!

Look who is 5 months old already! I can't believe my little girl is almost half way to her first birthday already!! Time is flying by.


5 month fun facts:
  • She adores her bare toes. Especially on the changing table - toes go into mouth.
  • She likes to blow raspberries and bubbles.
  • She likes to make an incredibly annoying humming / grunting weird noise when she's bored and has determined someone should entertain her.
  • She's gotten much more vocal in the past couple weeks.
  • She's still a drool monster, but still no teeth that we can see or feel.
  • She can hold herself in a sitting position unassisted for up to a minute at a time before toppling, but still not usually more than about 5-10 seconds at a time.
  • She likes the sound it makes when she rubs her feet on the leather of the couch.
  • She really likes our basset hound, Max - she seems to know the word "puppy" and looks for him when we ask where puppy is. She loves to pet his face and his ears. He is the only dog of the 4 we have who actually seems to like her and comes over for attention from her.
  • She has an adorably cute giggle and sometimes giggles for what seems like no reason at all, almost always giggles and grins when I get home from work every night, and definitely giggles for tickles and blowing raspberries on her belly.
  • She gets super excited when she knows she's about to be picked up from the bath, or unbuckled and picked up from her bouncer and starts kicking and waving her arms to let you know she's happy to be set "free"!
  • She's just started solid foods, and has tried sweet potatoes, pears, and bananas so far. She seems to like them all most of the time, although the fruits she seemed to like better when mixed with baby oatmeal cereal. Next it's on to green beans!
  • She still wakes up 2-3 times per night, although the nights she's eaten solids within an hour of bedtime and eaten a decent amount she finally slept a little longer for.
  • She loves petting her daddy and her big brother's faces.
  • She thinks Kent should let her eat his glasses.
  • She likes to sit on big brother Kent's shoulder and see the view from above.
Update 2/25/14:

I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that she is half way to her 1st birthday in a matter of weeks. They time has been absolutely FLYING by lately. Lindsey is figuring out her lips and tongue lately and has been blowing a lot of bubbles, blowing raspberries, making sucking noises with her tongue partially sticking out, blowing her food back at me when she's done or doesn't like the way it tastes (hello green beans) and of course putting any and everything INTO her mouth! Her hand eye coordination has improved so much, and her grip is getting stronger. It's fascinating to watch her grab onto her toys and bring them to her mouth - her dexterity and ability to hold onto things has improved and increased so much! I really notice it at bath time when she's holding onto her rubber ducky, she brings it to her mouth and sucks on it pretty much every night and she's gotten really good at bringing it to her mouth without it falling out of her fingers anymore. I also notice it when she's playing in her gym. She pulls on toys so hard the whole thing changes shape and contorts. I keep waiting for her to let go when she's pulling really hard and then have the toy bounce back and hit her... thankfully she hasn't done that yet (at least that I've been around to see)!

 At just over 5 months and 1 week old Lindsey had a quick weigh in at the pediatrician's office and weighs 17 lbs already! She is getting big so fast!! I recently ordered some 12 month clothes for her to get through the upcoming warmer weather, and can't believe she'll be in that size in another 1-2 months more than likely... these moments really do go by so, so fast.

Lindsey seems to like prunes the most of the foods she's tried so far (bananas, pears, prunes, sweet potatoes, and green beans). And she definitely liked the green beans the least. I ended up wearing almost as much as she was after a couple of those feedings. She would purse her lips and blow raspberries with food in her mouth and it would come flying on out!

There are so many moments I want to tuck away into my memory and try to hold onto and remember them. She seems to change just a little each and every day, growing a little more, learning a little more... she won't be a baby for much longer and I am trying so hard to enjoy these moments while they last.

When Kent plays with her and holds her and I get to see my two beautiful children playing together I sometimes think my heart just might burst in my chest. I just love them so very, very much and am so blessed to have the chance to be their mom. My family is definitely my everything and I am so grateful for each and every day - the good ones and the bad and all the in between.


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