Where Has the Time GONE?!

I cannot believe it! I'm on my last week of maternity leave already... sigh... and the week is almost over too! We've been busy, busy, getting ready for Christmas, shopping, errands, decorating the house, appointments, and spending time together. It's been so nice. I have loved being home, a lot! I have missed work some, but I really do love being stay at home mom and wife. It's very refreshing for a change of pace. I love having time to put together meals and cooking breakfast and lunch during the day. It's been nice to know Kent has gotten a good hot breakfast before school these past few weeks.

We have an early Christmas get together with Kenneth's family this weekend on Sunday and then work on Monday!

I am trying to finish up my shopping hopefully tomorrow. I've been struggling with what to get for aunts/uncles and grandparents and really need to get all my Washington family's gifts sent out ASAP so I think I finally have it all figured out and just need to finish the shopping up tomorrow, wrap tomorrow evening and mail on Friday. Friday will be busy with my OB appointment and then our chiro appointment.


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