Back to Routine!

Day two back at the office and things are going well so far - I am enjoying being back even though I miss sleeping in, lounging before showering and getting so much time with my boys. I miss them both all day! I am glad for the weeks I had and all that I was able to do, but it is nice to be at work and feel productive and feel like I'm contributing to our finances again as well!

I can't believe Christmas will be here in just 4 more days and then the year will just about be over! We're staying home for Christmas this year instead of going up to Kenneth's parent's cabin in the moutains. I'm a little bummed since I love the family get togethers and being surrounded by people, but Kenneth asked that we have this year just us. It will be nice to have time just the three of us and enjoy a little down time together.

We had a little family get together on the 19th at Kenneth's grandmother's house and brought back all of the gifts from them for under our tree - it is completely overflowing now. Kent is so excited and can't wait for Christmas! I didn't realize just how much we'd gotten him until I would finish wrapping one, and then there would be another and another and another to wrap. I got him a lot of smaller ticket items this year instead of one big ticket and a couple smaller items - so it didn't feel like a whole lot until I saw it all at one time! It's going to take him a long time to unwrap everything! :) I can't wait to watch him and take lots and lots of pictures!

My throat is a little sore and I can't figure out if its the weather or if I'm actually possibly getting sick. I am forbidding that from happening though! Only one more day of work this week and then we all have Thursday and Friday off for the Holiday and I want to really enjoy it! Kent and I will probably do some baking on Thursday and I'm hoping we can get to the Animal Shelter to take the puppies some treats and give them some pets. We did that last year around the Holidays and it was special and I would like to do it again this year.

Kenneth's Birthday is on the 24th - and I already got him a big gift but did get him one small thing so he has something to unwrap on his day, and of course a card too and we're going to fix his favorite dinner that evening. We picked up a new motorcycle for him a little over a week ago now - a Ducati. It is beautiful. He's been wanting a sport bike ever since we sold his Yamaha 3 years ago and I decided this was a good time to do it, and I really do like this bike too. I need to practice on the Harley and get comfortable because I really want to ride it! :)

I guess that's it for now - just enjoying the last couple days before Christmas and hoping the rain stays away for the rest of the afternoon so commuting isn't too awful!


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