So Quiet!

It's so quiet at the office today!! I'm thinking it will probably be an early day... I got to drive my pretty car (my Corvette) today - Kent and Kenneth replaced the brake pads on it on Monday and then broke the brakes in yesterday for me so I could drive it again today. I sure do love that car! I've had it for 3 years now and am so glad we bought it, even if it was kind of a "silly" thing to do! Kenneth has his motorcycles and I have my Vette, and we still have the "family car" (our Ford Focus) and his 2 project trucks! We have vehicle issues, I know. We have 5 vehicles and 5 dogs and 3 people... we are outnumbered. :)

It is rainy and overcast today and I can see the wind whipping the flag in the center of the turn around back and forth. I keep thinking about the coming year and am just so excited for it! I know every new year brings that feeling most times, but this one in particular is very exciting to me - so many big changes and good things to come and I'm just so filled with hope and happiness and anticipation! I cannot WAIT for Kenneth to have his degree! That will be such a HUGE day for us! Over 10 years in the making, and he will finally be done and not have to go back anymore - he can move on and get a job that he's happy with and not have to think about school anymore! I know how unhappy it makes him to be in school, and even though its been hard for all of us, I realize its been hardest on him for many reasons. He doesn't like not being the one to be working, to be the bread winner of the family, he knows finishing school in the long run will enable him to have a good job that he's happy with, but in the mean time I know it has been hard for him to let me be the one to hold down the full time job and support us. I am just so thankful that I've been able to do that!

Just a couple more days until Christmas! Happy Holidays to everyone! :)


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