P90X Has Begun!

I logged into http://www.teambeachbody.com/ for the first time in ages yesterday and updated my account, set up our meal plan for the coming weeks, and last night Kenneth and I suffered through our first workout! It was Chest and Back and my shoulders and back are feeling it today! I had my chiropractor appointment today so at least I got a nice adjustment and massage to help. My neck is still feeling really tight.

Kenneth came up for his chiro appointment today too and we just got back from a quick lunch at a local Thai restaurant - I had Pad Thai, yummy! :) We have plyometrics tonight and I'm looking forward to it, but Kenneth isn't because it's fairly high impact and hurts his back. I wish he would look into other options for his back, he's in pain a lot because of it and at least he's finally going to the chiro, but I really think he needs to talk to his doctor about other options for pain management and possibly surgery. It's pretty messed up and hurts him most of the time.

School starts back up for him on January 10th and I know he's not looking forward to it, but I am so excited for him to be starting his final semester! It's a huge deal for all of us and I know he's worked really hard to get through it all and finish up and I'm so proud of him!

Kent has this one last week off from school and then starts back next Monday, I know he's not looking forward to that but he is excited to go spend the weekend with his grandparents. Kenneth and I get the long weekend home alone! :) We're boring though, so I doubt we'll be doing anything other than hanging out at the house, catching up on some TV shows through Netflix and getting the Christmas decorations put up! :)


  1. Good luck to you both returning to P90X. My husband and I started it in the spring but never finished. We made it about 2 thirds of the way through. Plyometrics is brutal!


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