Happy Thanksgiving!!

We had a very nice Thanksgiving at Kenneth's parent's home at Walnut Mountain (BEAUTIFUL views from their cabin!) with a big dinner with family and then a relaxing afternoon/evening. We spent the night, enjoyed breakfast with everyone and headed back home mid-day on Friday. I ate way too much good food, but we all definitely enjoyed ourselves! :)

Today we're pretty much just taking it easy and Kenneth's working on homework and I am packing for my trip to Washington! I can't believe I fly out tomorrow AM! Time is flying by - already half way through leave! I know its going to be wet and cold while I'm visiting, so I need to pack lots of good layers - I'm sure the nice coat Kenneth got me from REI will be put to very good use while I'm there as well!

Not too much to update on - just continuing to stay busy and enjoy my time with my boys and I am so excited for my trip back to WA! Can't wait to see everyone!


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