10 days Post Partum!

I am feeling great!! I've been running lots of errands and I visited with a very good friend of mine on Monday. Kenneth and I started P90X on Monday evening and oh good gravy am I sore already!! We did Plyometrics last night and even though I did low impact, my legs are KILLING me today and my arms are still sore from Monday! Oh the joys!! It feels good to be working out again!

Kenneth has asked dinners to be high protein and low carb since he's trying to drop a few pounds quickly so I've been trying to be creative with meals - lots of different meat as the entrees and using a lot of the steam packs of veggies as sides. Those are such a great invention - I love using them! Quick, easy and very tasty! We got to enjoy some fresh green beans last night, since I finally had the chance to go pick up another Farmer's Market Basket! I'd been getting them about twice a month but missed the last couple pickups with delivery and then forgetting!! :) My fruit and veggie drawers are now nicely stocked and I get to coordinate some meals around all the new goodies!

I think we're going to have shredded BBQ chicken tonight with corn on the cob and maybe some peas or broccoli too. I need to get the chicken in the crock pot and figure out what I'm making for lunch! Kenneth is coming home on his break soon! It's been so good to get to see him throughout the day when he comes home for lunch during the week.

The days sure are passing quickly though, Kent's party is this weekend then we get to get ready for Thanksgiving!! There's a lot to get done though, so I know the time will continue to just fly by so I'm just enjoying it as much as I can and am thankful for the time I have to be  home!


  1. Whoa! Don't overdue it! PX90 is difficult for people who didn't have their body put through what you've done the last several months!

    I'm glad you're feeling good enough to exercise, but remember, there's a reason they tell you not to do things like that for a few weeks. Let your body heal, there will still be time to get back in shape a few weeks from now.


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