38w1d Update!

Yesterday was another long day of pre-labor for me, with lots of off and on contractions, some that were pretty painful, but they just wouldn't get into a pattern still. Lots of gas and bloody mucous all day, and I started feeling pretty queasy by the afternoon. I had very little appetite all day.

The OB appointment went well, BP is good at 110/60, a little more weight gain, no protein in my urine. They still hadn't tracked down my lab results from 2 weeks ago, so hopefully the Group B Beta Strep was negative!

I am dilated to about a 3-4 now and still 50% effaced, he said my cervix is very soft. So, everything looks very favorable, its just a matter of getting some good contractions that will get into a pattern and continue instead of fizzling out like they have been! He wasn't keen on the idea of doing a membrane stripping as he said he'd just spent all day at the hospital with a woman who had her membranes stripped, her water broke but contractions wouldn't start so she had to be on pitocin all day... so fine, we wait out mother nature and see what she has in mind for us!!

I finished the eggplant parmesan at dinner last night and actually got a decent night of sleep - didn't get woken up much from contractions or discomfort. I am still really tired this AM and would love a nap. I think I will probably go home after lunch most likely - if I can get everything else finished up.

I have no appetite again this morning, am still feeling fairly queasy. I'm trying to at least drink my water to stay hydrated. Contractions have been coming somewhat regularly so far this morning, but they aren't lasting very long and haven't been all that painful. They'll be about 10 minutes apart for awhile then I'll get a 30 minute or more break. I have had a little bit more bloody mucous today, actually just had a large "blob" of mucous (sorry, TMI, I know!!) but it lasted all day yesterday so I guess its not surprising if I'm not having as much today - we'll see how the rest of the afternoon goes! Baby S was pretty active this morning, and I just felt her again, but she seems to be resting again now for the most part. Hopefully getting ready for some serious activity later today!!

I've been on my feet working on a copying job in the production room, and when I'm at my desk I'm sitting/bouncing on my balance ball and just hoping for some good contractions to start up soon! We'll see how much longer this lasts...!


  1. Both of my surros were born at 38.3 and 38.4 days - I hope you have a wonderful birth when the time finally arrives!


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