37w6d - thought we were on our way yesterday!

I really thought maybe I'd be in the hospital meeting Miss S in person by this morning after the day I had yesterday!! I stayed home with Kent because he had the day off from school (which turned out to be a huge blessing because I was able to sleep in a little after staying up pretty late the night before helping Kenneth type up his math homework - blech!!) I woke up and started noticing contractions coming and going, but they were often enough I started writing down the times. They were never less than 30 minutes apart but never got more than 10 minutes apart and it lasted ALL day long! I was also in "nesting mode" I think - Kent and I cleaned and scrubbed and did lots of laundry, washed the dog beds, vaccumed, took out trash, I made 2 loaves of banana bread, we ran errands and got groceries and made a nice dinner too... it was a super busy day and I wanted to get EVERYTHING done!! The only things on my list I didn't get to were cleaning out the fridge and washing the sheets. I guess those will have to wait a little longer!

I finally sent my IM a note last night and gave her a head's up, and she was getting excited too, but even after an hour and a half on the treadmill (where the contractions stayed very consistently 10 minutes apart) nothing ever really progressed. We went to bed I think around 9:30 and I got woken up by a few painful contractions and would stay awake long enough to time the next one or two (some as close as 8 minutes apart, but by the end of the night they were back in the 30 minute range or I'd fall asleep before I felt the next one). I had a few moments of nausea and a lot of cervical mucous yesterday too, and by the evening my back was absolutely KILLING me... it felt a little better when I would walk at least, but the contractions were really putting pressure on my back - but those were the only other "signs/symptoms" of the day.

Miss S was pretty quiet most of the day too - when I would have a little bit of a longer "lull" between contractions I'd feel her move some, and I've felt her moving around a little this morning too. She seems to be handling it all ok, which is good - I know its not any more comfortable for her than it is for me!

So, it was a long day of warm-up and nothing yet so far today! I'm sitting on my balance ball at work and bouncing a little and hoping they pick back up this morning!! I am just ready to have them actually turn into something - a whole day of contractions for what seems like nothing so far is a little annoying, but hopefully at least my cervix opened a little more... we'll find out at our OB appointment tomorrow I guess!!


  1. You are so close! Excited to hear how your appointment goes tomorrow.


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