On our way to a schedule!

My labs were just fine, so the plan is to start bcps tonight and my saline sono is scheduled for Tuesday March 25th.

Terri from Cooper called last night and we had a good talk and are all on the same page now, I think, which is great! So, I left her a voicemail with the date of the SSH, and she said she could work up a calendar from there.

My guesstimate right now is starting meds around April 15th and transfer 1st week of May. I can't wait to get going again! I'm just so ready, and so excited about moving forward and seeing what's next for all of us. I can't wait to get up there and see Fiona and visit with my IPs and have another transfer day with them! I intend to take PICTURES this time!! I always regret that I didn't take a camera on transfer day last time. I am secretly hoping for May 3rd - that would be 18 months to the day of our transfer for Fiona... I'll take whatever I can get though!! :) I'm just ready to hop on that plane and visit my IPs and Fiona and have our transfer! We'll be doing accupuncture this time around too - I'm guessing meds will start around April 15th or so, and accupuncture would start around then as well. Whatever I can do to help, I will!!

I will start drinking my soy milk again too, as soon as this next period comes and goes, along with my pineapple juice and maybe eat a few yams in there somewhere too... :D

I am really tired, I've been staying up a little late with Kenneth gone at drill right now... I'm glad its the weekend, maybe I can catch up on my rest! I've been enjoying the quiet nights though (its only been since Wednesday) - I've gotten a lot of good cleaning and straightening up done around the house. I'm much more productive when Kenneth isn't home!! :)

We'll be spending most of Easter with Kenneth's family, Kent loves his Easter egg hunts! (Speaking of, I need to stop off at the store and get some egg stuffing goodies tonight!)


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