Just one more thing!

The saline sono was on Tuesday AM, and unfortunately 2 small polyps were discovered. I have since learned that this seems to be fairly common, especially among surrogates after all the cycle medications we are on. Apparently polyps are affected by estrogen.

I am feeling pretty bummed, not sure what’s next exactly. Cooper pretty much said no big deal, get them removed and we’ll keep moving forward and get you cycling right away – which is great! However, in order to do that, I will either have to have the procedure done by my OB which looks like it might not be until May before he’d be able to get me in, or my IPs will have to pay out of pocket and have GRS do the procedure sooner… Neither option is that great! I sent my IPs an e-mail explaining everything and I told them I’m beginning to wonder if this is just me pushing my luck, and I will totally understand if they want some time to consider their options. I can’t help but wonder, even after everything they’ve spent so far, if they just stopped now with me, matched with someone else, and paid for the new surrogate’s testing if they still wouldn’t come out ahead and be able to transfer sooner!! Ack!! I will support them, whatever decision they make. If they want to wait, then I will get things going with my OB and get on his surgery schedule. At this rate, Fiona will be 1 before we can transfer… She’s already over 8 months old now! :) T&I have sent me the BEST pictures of her – how amazing to get to see her as she grows, and see them with her! :)

I will post more when I know what the plan is, but that’s all for now!


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