Florida Get Together!

I just got back from the BEST trip down to Florida, with a stop in Macon on Friday to visit SMO friends!! We had SUCH a great time!

I left work early on Friday afternoon to get home, meet Kenneth and get Kent's bag to the daycare (where his grandma was picking him up), get the dogs to the doggy sitter, finish packing, and load up the car. We got out of there around 4:00pm, and then hit the WORST traffic in Atlanta, a big accident on top of normal Friday traffic had us arriving in Macon around 7:30 if I remember right! It was a long drive, and it should have only taken 1.5-2 hours! We visited with Andrea and Brant (who are looking for a TS) and Keith and Katie (who live nearby, and are working with a TS right now). We had a delicious dinner, I got to play with Andrea and Brant's adorable dogs (they have a lab and four yorkies), and we just hung out and talked, debated, laughed and it was really, really nice. Andrea and Brant are incredible people - very genuine and loving and warm, I can't say enough good things about them. We didn't leave there until I think around 1:30 in the morning? It was a late night, but I could have stayed up for hours more talking! We had to get going though, we stayed Friday night (well, Saturday morning) in Tifton, Georgia, and then drove on down to the get together near Tampa later Saturday morning (we met at 3:00pm for the get together). We met with Jolene, who recently delivered GS twins, along with her husband, and Anna (an IM who has 2 children, 1 through TS, and she is currently cycling with a GS), who came with her husband and children! We hung out at Outback for about 3 hours and I took a bunch of pictures. It was a nice afternoon!

Kenneth and I drove to Ocala, Florida and spent the night there, then on Sunday we continued on our way home - arriving in the early afternoon. The weather was PERFECT for driving, and riding in the Corvette made the trip even more fun! I'm SO glad Kenneth went with me - this is the first time he's met any of my friends through the surrogacy community, and it was special for me to share that with him!


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