AF FINALLY showed up!

Yes!! FINALLY she's here. First let me back up to the drama over the past couple of days.

On Friday the 14th I was told to go get labs done to see where my hormone levels were at, since it had been a month with still no period. I had that done, and according to Kim at Cooper it looked like I should start a period soon. She said call back Monday if nothing has started. I called on Monday (still no period) and was told that I had to get labs and an ultrasound so they could prescribe birth control pills to put me on for a minimum of two weeks - and this is after a MONTH already of no period, and we'd done labs the Friday before! On Tuesday evening I wrote my IPs a long and exasperated e-mail about how frustrated I was with the clinic. It seemed they were sending us for all of these expensive tests and then not doing anything with the results, just sending us for MORE tests saying THEN they could do something. On top of that, I was really frustrated that they hadn't just put me on provera immediately after the canceled cycle like the did every other canceled cycle before with them - if they had, I would've had my period THREE WEEKS ago!! Now, instead of prescribing provera, she wants to prolong things by ANOTHER weekor two by prescribing BCPS!! I was just overwhelmed and needed my IPs to know how upset I was getting - none of it made any sense to me compared to our previous cycles, and I just wanted some answers. My IF got the RE on the phone with Kim on Wednesday, and we had a consult. The RE agreed that they screwed up and should have put me on provera immediately after the canceled cycle, and because they hadn't my cycle was now messed up. (Yep!) Well, amazingly right before that consult I started spotting, real spotting, and I knew my period was FINALLY here on its own. They still want me to get labs to "confirm" that, so I'm going this morning at 10:00. I'm on day 2 of real flow though, so I know this is it. So hopefully, the drama is behind us (Dr. Cho also confirmed for us that we do NOT have to be on 2-3 weeks of bcps before we can start cycling meds next time) and we can move on with the saline sono and then our next cycle!

I'm hoping and praying this means a May transfer!! (Fingers and toes are crossed)!

I'm really crampy with this one, yesterday was pretty painful - today actually isn't that bad. I'm just relieved that the waiting is finally over... I'm so ready to be moving in a FORWARD direction! :)


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