I did it again! I totally forgot to come back and update. Lining check #2 was bad. My lining decreased to a 6.9, was fluid filled and at best the pattern was an IE. GRS insists I have a fibroid or something making it difficult to read my lining, so I'm off meds waiting for my period and then I'll be having another saline sono this time done by GRS before we can move forward one way or another.

I was really, really disappointed and upset and was so sad to call my IM and give her the news. She is so incredibly sweet and was telling me how she had my trip all planned out... I can't wait until it is a REALITY!! We will just keep plugging along and do what the doctor's suggest and just hope and pray we can transfer within the next few months. As of now, the earliest would be April, possibly May if they put me on BCPs or if there are more complications at the saline sono.

So, nothing to really report, but I'll update when I know more.


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