Lining Check #2 is tomorrow

Well, Cooper was fine with the small amount of fluid (the RE wasn't concerned) and said the thickness was good (didn't even mention the "irregularity" or the possible fibroid) - they want me to stay on meds for the three extra days per my original schedule, and be rechecked tomorrow (Thursday) to see if my lining has converted to the right pattern (she said it was still in the process at the first check). I am alternating between fear, nervousness, worry, anxiety, and excitement all thrown together! I am of COURSE very hopeful that everything will be ok, but scared that my lining will have either deteriorated or become fluid filled. I am ready to find out what's going on, once and for all! I want to transfer SOOO badly and am so ready to get on that plane and fly to NJ!! I want to be able to call my IPs with GOOD news tomorrow!!!


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