2nd Shot Down! :)

I am so excited to say I took my second estradiol valerate injection this AM and swapped my 1 patch for 2! We're on our way!

I have my first lab check this Friday at GRS, and then my first u/s check next Monday; I'm nervous and excited! I let my Boss know today that I had a possible transfer coming up, I don't want to jinx it so I was almost nervous to tell her! They were so great last time, I hope it goes as smoothly this time!

Not too much to report -I've been achy and crampy since I started meds, and have had a couple headaches already. I feel tired, my head and uterus both feel "heavy"! I said on the SMO boards today I wish I wasn't so AWARE of exactly where my uterus is during cycling, there are so many "sensations" I experience during cycling... twinges, cramps, etc. I just hope and pray they're all GOOD sensations! :)


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