Nuchal Transluceny U/S Went Great

The ultrasound was fantastic! The machines they use there are awesome, and the baby looked just perfect! Munchkin was moving all over the place, lots of kicking and arms flailing, opening and closing their mouth, reaching up and grabbing toes, even a somersault! It was really cool. I was 14w1d yesterday, and the baby measured exactly 14 weeks. The nuchal measurements were all normal, and we get blood results back in about a week.

I got an almost 20 minute video to send to my IPs, and lots of great pictures. I know they will love them. I wish they could have been there!

We're scheduled for our 20 week ultrasound on March 8th, and then I will go again a month later for a fetal echo (since my IM was 36 and is considered Advanced Maternal Age), and they want me to come monthly after that for fetal growth checks since I am a bypass patient. They had one bad experience with a bypass mom experiencing IUGR and are being cautious to make sure their other bypass patients are growing healthy babies. I don't mind the extra sneak peeks! :)


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