14 Weeks Today!

I have had an icky cold for a full week now, but other than that I'm really feeling good! The morning sickness has definitely subsided, and the only nausea I've had lately seems to be from this cold I have. I am hungry frequently, the fatigue isn't too bad lately, and I haven't had any crazy aversions or cravings that I can think of.

I had an OB appointment on the 15th of January and got to hear the bean's heartbeat on doppler for the first time - that was incredibly cool! I'm thinking of renting a doppler just so I can record the sound for T&I. I had labs done on the 17th, and got the results yesterday. Estrogen is over 3,000 and my progesterone was 48. I'm allowed to stop all shots now, but am still on 2 suppositories daily and 1 estrace pill daily. I'm SO thrilled to be done sticking myself in the butt! :) Most of the lumps have faded, but now hopefully the remaning few will fade as well.

I have a nuchal translucency ultrasound on Friday which I'm very excited and a little nervous about. I am very much looking forward to seeing the bean moving around, but can't help but be a tiny bit nervous that something won't look right. I will be allowed to take a video tape so I can send that to T&I which they will love, I know! The munchkin will be so much more developed since the last time we peeked in at 8 weeks.

I read in my pregnancy book that the baby will be the size of a fist this week. I can't believe how much goes on during a pregnancy - in just 11 short weeks the baby has grown from the size of the head of a pin to the size of a fist! Incredible!

I just wanted to check in before Friday's appointment, and will update after as well. Send me lots of healthy bean vibes! :)


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