12 Week Check In!

I had labwork done on the 9th and Cooper got the results REALLY fast (the next day!) My progesterone was at 46.8 and my estradiol was 2,047. (This was going on 3 days of no PIO, just suppositories for progesterone supplements). Becky wasn't thrilled with the number, and wants me to stay on meds another week and have labs again on the 17th (my 13 week mark)! Hopefully at that time all will be stabilized and look good enough for them to let me come off the meds. I'm down to PIO every 4 days and have reduced my estradiol valerate to .15cc but that's still every 3 days. The suppositories and estrace tablet are still daily.

I'm feeling really tired today. I noticed it yesterday, I feel cranky, out of it, not quite myself. I really need an actual "day OFF". I need to just be home, alone, and be allowed to rest uninterrupted. I haven't been taking it as easy in the afternoons when I get home as I think I need to be right now. Kenneth's new school schedule has him leaving at 7:15pm two nights a week for class, and instead of resting or going to bed, I've been using that time to get caught up on cleaning. It needs to be done, but I think I need to just let it go for right now. My body is very unhappy with me! I am seriously considering going home early to rest today, I just feel so icky.

My stomach is growing and growing, its rounding out some, but still not obvious to most everyone unless they know to look. I spend lots of time in front of the mirror willing it to pop out already! :) It's getting firmer too, and my belly button has been pretty sore off and on lately, so I know things are moving around and my uterus is moving on up. Can't wait to feel this little bean moving around! :)

I have my next OB appointment on Monday and I'm REALLY, REALLY looking forward to hearing the heartbeat, I just want confirmation that everything really is fine and we've made it past the first 12 weeks and are almost into the 2nd tri. I think part of me will still be nervous into my 14-15th week because of what happened to my friend from SMO recently... its like there is no "safe" zone. There's just so many unknowns!

I still haven't gained any weight. I was SHOCKED to see the number the same on the scale this morning. I lost 6 lbs at the beginning and haven't gained a lb back (yet, knock on wood). I am eating PLENTY. I feel like I do nothing but graze all day long. My stomach is more settled that it was a couple weeks ago, but still giving me plenty of trouble, so I do have to take it nice and slow!

Ok, this is getting long - I'll wrap it up for now! :)

Here's my 11 week belly picture:


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