Nuchal Translucency Today

My test has been bumped to today at 2pm, I'll leave work at 12:30. I found out, too late, that the test HAS to be performed by 13w6d gestation; according to our IVF transfer date I am 14w1d today... my OB's coordinator seemed to think it had to be done AFTER 14 weeks, as that is when she scheduled the appt for and that is what she told me. I am REALLY bummed already because I'm almost positive the baby will be too far along, by a couple days, for them to do the test. They will still do the ultrasound and it will be awesome to see the munchkin, but I know T&I were really looking forward to the peace of mind a clean test would have given them. I am PRAYING that maybe the baby is a day or two behind, enough for them to go ahead and do the measurement... we will see this afternoon.

If I can't get this done, I will go have the AFP Tetra test done at least.

I will update this afternoon or tomorrow after the appointment with how everything goes!


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