Remember to BREATH!

Ok, so it looks like that letter I got was a false alarm - I'm still waiting for the final all clear, but I spoke to Fran this morning and we went over the requests they'd sent and she said only 1 test on there actually needed to be performed (the Toxo test) which she is 99% sure we already did while I was at Cooper, and the rest are, as she put it, antiquated and not done anymore. Whoever checked my records must be using outdated information - that was her best guess. So, she has her assistant looking into it just to verify that everything is ok, but I think we're ok!!

I called and left a voicemail for T&I after I spoke to Fran and apologized for the upset and worrying them, and T called back and we chatted for a minute. They are just so sweet - they want me to call if I need anything and we're all very much looking forward to Thursday and getting the final thumbs up and green light for Monday! None of us can believe that this event we've been looking forward to and working towards for so long is SO close... it's been this distant point on the horizon and we can actually see it coming into view... It's just thrilling and almost unbelievable!

So, I'm reminding myself to breath, and that things really are coming together, and I have wonderful IPs and a wonderful coordinator, and between us all we'll get things taken care of and worked out. It was really cool to see how quickly both T&I and Fran reacted to work on solving the problem. I just felt bad to interrupt Fran on her vacation... Anyhow! I think that this issue will resolve itself, and we can get on with the journey!! YAY!

HAPPY 4th of JULY!! Kent and I are going to head over to Kenneth's grandmother's home in a few minutes for a nice family get together, than its back home for an afternoon of CLEANING!! Time to get ready for Ruth's visit. My Father In Law is out playing with my lawnmower right now, and he brought his Grasshopper over and mowed my yard, which was SUPER nice of him - now I won't have to mess with it for 2-3 weeks. YAY!


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