Canceled - Regrouping for August

Well, I've put off this entry, but here it is. On Saturday (July 8th) I had a re-check and yes, my lining made it to 8mm but my uterine cavity was fluid filled. Not a good environment to transfer little embies into, so we were canceled. I was so bummed!! It was really hard for me to make that call to my IPs and let them know. I know they are very disappointed as well. It's hard to want this so much and to have my body be the reason we aren't moving forward right now... I know I didn't do anything wrong, but to some degree I still feel like I did. Fran will have a chart review with Dr. Cho (I believe that's who she said) this week to determine what needs to be changed next time around, but I believe the change will include taking more of the Estrace vaginally as opposed to orally. We all just want it to come together so very much. To keep things in perspective, I keep telling myself I'd MUCH rather have a canceled cycle than a failed one.

I had to cancel Kent's plane ticket, and will have to go into work tomorrow and Thursday, and I'll take Friday off since my sister is still here. She will hang out with Kent the next couple days. After how much activity we've crammed into the past 4 1/2 days, I kind of think the down time might be relaxing and nice for her!! We've done SO much running around, eating out, and shopping!! It's been tons of fun!! But I'm definitely worn out! I'm ready for a good nights sleep.

So, currently I'm taking Provera along with a 2mg Estrace tablet daily - which will go on for 10 days total, my last pill being taken on July 19th; that should help induce a period which should come about 3-4 days later and then we start again with CD2 blood and u/s and go from there. I guess I'll get a meds calendar in about a week or so, and see what changes were made. The best thing for me to do is just stay positive and relaxed, so that's what I plan on doing! I'm gearing up for an August 9th transfer and can't wait to see my IPs next month. Have I mentioned that they are the BEST IPs a GS could hope for? They really are. I just can't tell you how supportive, encouraging, and just wonderful they have been especially during this disappointment. I can't wait to help them make their dreams of a child in their arms come true... It is such a blessing to be their surrogate.

On a side note - we took Tiger to his new owners this past Sunday; he will have a loving new home and I feel great about it! We will miss his playful antics, but I feel so good about honoring T&I's wishes (even though it took longer than I imagine we'd both hoped) and knowing Tiger has a loving, GOOD family to reside with!


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