HSG Complete - Half way through Mock Cycle

Well!! It's been awhile since I updated! I've kind of taken a break from posting and obsessing about the surrogacy so much, just to give myself a breather from the disappointment, and because at this point I really have NO idea what's next! :)

I started my period on the morning of July 18th, with 2 doses of Provera left to go! My body kicked in early. Fran had a consult with Dr. Choe the next day, and Dr. Choe recommended I have the HSG done to make sure hydrosalpinx weren't the cause of the fluid last time. So, that means that this cycle was a bust anyway, since you can't transfer the same month as putting contrast and iodine into your cervix/uterus. So, Fran suggested we do a mock this month, as well as the HSG.

The HSG was done yesterday afternoon, I will know the official results by next Tuesday, but the Doctor said from the procedure he thinks everything looks fine, all clear. That was a relief! It was funny, when I told Kenneth he seemed genuinely relieved to hear that, which I wasn't expecting. I figured he'd be happy if I had to have my tubes taken out, then the option of having more children down the line would be taken away and he wouldn't have to worry about me pestering him about it like I do every now and then! Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't be doing a surrogacy journey if I wasn't completely happy with my family the way it is, and we don't have "plans" to have more children, just every now and then I think about it and wish Kenneth wanted another child too.

So, the procedure was fine, not even as bad as the saline sonohysterogram I had 2 months ago - I was a TEENY bit crampy that evening, but nothing even right after the procedure. It was uncomfortable for about 60 seconds while the put the contrast in, but that was it! I was happy about that!

Kenneth might be home this evening, or tomorow afternoon but leaves again on Friday morning for 2 more weeks, then he should be back at least until late fall (Oct/Nov) before leaving for 3 more months of Comm school. Hopefully he'll be able to find a decent job in the mean time, since he won't be able to take a semester at college like we'd hoped, since that wouldn't end until December and he'll most likely be at training by then!

I'm on Estrace right now, I started my 3 pills a day for 4 days yesterday, so I do that for 2 more days, start 4 pills a day on the 29th, and on August 2nd I go for blood and u/s to check my lining and estrogen levels, and we'll see where we're at! If there's fluid again, the idea is to continue on with progesterone, and recheck I think 2-4 days later to see if the fluid goes away after progesterone is started. I'm, of course, hoping and praying there won't be any fluid this time!!! :)


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