Today is Monday, July the 3rd, in 3 days I will have my lining check and get the thumbs up that all is well and we can transfer, then 4 days later I will be in New Jersey having our transfer!! I am SO excited! I just can't believe we're at the 1 week mark!! I'm happy dancing all day long in my head! Sometimes I feel like I'm in shock, sometimes I wonder is this really happening, and sometimes I'm just bouncing off the wall and talking a mile a minute.

We get to go see fireworks with Kenneth's family tonight - which will be wonderful! I love the firework displays and always feel like a kid again when I watch them. Kent will enjoy them too - and maybe we can get some icecream afterwards. (Last year we parked in the Dairy Queen parking lot, because we couldn't get any closer, but the view ended up being great, and I got a Blizzard)!

Tomorrow is the 4th of July - and hopefully my father-in-law will be able to come over and check out the riding lawn mower, which I apparently broke yesterday (the first time I've tried to use it since Kenneth left)! That was fabulously frustrating! My yard looks ridiculous too - half mowed in the front, half shaggy!

My sister, Ruth, will be here this Friday... so my schedule is a little crazy, but will keep me rocking and rolling until transfer and will make the time FLY by!

Thursday - 7:15am appt at RBA for lining check and bloodwork, get call back that evening.
Friday - AM First PIO injection, Ruth arrives that evening at 7:30pm
Saturday - AM go to company picnic at Six Flags, head home by 4pm, bake goodies for IPs and pack
Sunday - 8:30am drive to airport, flight arrives in Philadelphia at 1:30pm, 3:30pm meet Christine (chrismommy from SMO), 6pm meet up with T&I and Fran and her husband for dinner
Monday - (hopefully AM) TRANSFER, bedrest
Tuesday - bedrest
Wednesday - 3:30pm bloodwork and u/s, flight leaves at 7:49pm.

Good news about Tiger (our stray kitty) - he has a new home! A colleague of a former colleague of a co-worker of mine said she would love to take Tiger home; she has a 1-year old kitty she found as a stray and adopted, and said her kitty could use a playmate! I was VERY relieved that Tiger will have a good home to go to - so in the mean time I have had Kent empty the litter box, and put it in the guest bedroom and stayed away from it.

I guess that's it until Thursday! :)

11:00PM Update
Well, I am confused and stunned right now, and don't know exactly how this is going to work out - but I received a mailed letter, sent last Friday, from Cooper saying I have to have 3 additional blood tests, and Kenneth needs a urine sample done for 2 additional tests. I can't tell you how frustrated I am that they waited until SEVEN days before our transfer to tell me this - and they didn't even call or fax the request, they snail-mailed it! Kenneth is in San Antonio, and logistically I am temporarily at a loss as to how to even get the test taken much less get results to the clinic in time. As for me, the labs are all closed down tomorrow for the Holiday, so I won't even be able to go in until Wednesday... ONE day before my lining check, and I have no idea how long results take, especially with a weekend in there. I sent T&I an e-mail to give them a heads up... I really feel mostly frustrated and confused as to how this happened.

I'm anxiously waiting Fran's reply. The thing that bothers me too, is the paperwork asks for a current papsmear, when I had my OB's office send one from this past winter a month ago, and Fran said she had it!! I'm trying not to pull my hair out. I guess the worst case scenario is we get bumped back by another month... I suppose that wouldn't be the end of the world - but it will cost me to transfer Kent's airline ticket dates - that would be the extent of the financial damage.

Anyhow, I'm trying to take deep breaths and assure myself everything happens for a reason.

On a positive note - Kent and I really enjoyed the fireworks display tonight in Kennesaw, it was just beautiful!


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