Update on Baseline, and Estrace!

Ooops! So I forgot to add my Baseline update! I had teh appt at 8am (the Reproductive Biology Associates office is less than a mile from my office buidling, and it took me almost 40 minutes to get there because of stinkin' Atlanta traffic!!!!) and they were VERY nice ladies. I've actually been to RBA before when I was looking into Egg Donation! I even went into the same ultrasound (u/s) room that I used before which was kind of cool. Anyhow, I had a very nice lab tech who didn't even barely pinch me, and didn't leave a bruise, which is incredible if you know how much I bruise after blood draws! Then the u/s tech took a look around and said my lining was nice and thin, took some pics and sent me off to Catherine, the coordinator who gave me dates for my next 3 appointments (lining check on July 6th, blood and u/s 3 days after transfer on July 13th and my beta on July 22nd). My labs came back with Estradiol at 20 and Progesterone 1.6 and a good thin lining (I don't know the magic number, but have heard they want it under a 3 and I think mine was a 2.something).

I have been taking 2 tablets per day of Estrace, 1 morning, and 1 night since Friday the 23rd, tomorrow the dosage increases to 3 pills. My lining check is a little over a week away!! I can't wait, I'm just hoping and praying the Estrace is doing its job and creating a nice thick lining in there for those little embies to snuggle in to!

I'm getting ready for my sister's arrival, I have to finish cleaning out the guest room this weekend - which means moving some boxes out and cleaning out the closet where we stash all of our coats. Plus I'm sure there will be some sort of July 4th get together, since the 4th falls on a Tuesday. It will be weird to work Monday and have Tuesday off! I'll enjoy that extra day to get things straightened up and ready around the house.

We've had lots of rain lately, the dogs got soaked last night - before we got home, poor things! I had to take Kent to Marietta to our Lenscrafter to get his glasses adjusted; he'd gotten accidentally kicked in the face when crawling through a play tunnel at the skating rink on a daycare field trip, and his glasses were ALL bent out of shape, everytime he looked down, they would fall right off!!

I have placed ads ALL over the place trying to find Tiger a home; I am desperate to get him relocated, and if no one has come to pick him up by this weekend, I've already decided to take him to a no-kill Animal Shelter. I just can't have him at the house anymore, even though I really enjoy snuggling with him (he's so soft and sweet) I feel guilty everytime I see him and know T&I would like him out of the house... I just want him to find a good home!!! I posted flyers at Kent's daycare and at the vet's office yesterday. I'll post another flyer at the pet shop and other vet tonight hopefully. Anyhow, send up a prayer that a NICE person/couple/family come to take him...

Ok, that was sort of a rambling post, but all thoughts I just had to get out!! I'll update again soon.


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