Contracts are Signed!!

Wow, I need to post my update!! So, Kenneth's CMV IGM came back as negative for an active infection, which is good. The attorney was amazing and rushed out a draft contract to us on June 10th, and then by June 12th we had a Final!! I printed the contract and signed it, and mailed it yesterday morning to Fran. I just can't believe how smoothly that all went. IPs and I are in agreement on everything, and they didn't have a problem with anything I was asking for, which was a big relief.

So, things are moving right along, and I anticipate receiving my meds calendar and my meds by next week. I should be off BCPs on June 19th. July 10th is our transfer date! I'm not sure if that's locked in with the clinic or not, but my IPs already have the day off from work and will be there with me for the transfer. We are all SO excited!!! I could just jump up and down and scream I'm so excited!!

Yesterday morning was also a hard day for me in that I had to take Kenneth to his Reserve Unit at 5am and drop him off to be driven to the airport; he's going to be gone roughly 6 months to various classes for Recon training. I miss him so much already. I know in my heart and head everything will be fine, its just going to take some getting used to. And Kent is much older now, and I know he will really feel his daddies absence. I will just do my best to make our time together special! I have a tendancy to spoil him when Kenneth is gone... hopefully I won't go too crazy! So, the rest of my day at work was ok, but I was sad and distracted. Kenneth's grandmother called me on my way home from work and invited me and Kent to meet her at Folks for dinner. That was a nice treat, and was sweet of her to think of us me and Kent our first day apart from Kenneth. I was so exhausted by the time dinner was over though, I couldn't wait to get home and fall into bed! When I got home, I saw Kenneth's dresser drawers open, his clean laundry on the recliner, his shoes on the floor, his motorcycle pants in a corner... little reminders everywhere. I couldn't settle in for the night until I had picked everything up and put it all away, and closed his closet door (which he always leaves open). It was kind of weird how I felt compelled to do that, but I think it was some sort of closure. I shed a few tears, but not until after Kent was in bed asleep.

Ok, I will wrap this one up! I can't wait to give my next update, I should know a lot more about my meds schedule by then!


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