Meds Received! :)

Well, they arrived! I got them via Fed-Ex here at work, items in the box are:

(40) Progesterone suppositories
(1) Sharps container
(30) Alcohol Prep Pads
(18) Gauze Sponge packets
(30) 1.5 gauge needles
(30) 1.5 gauge syringes
(5) 16mg Medrol Tablets
(10) 100mg Doxycycline Capsules
(120) 2mg Estrace Tablets (I didn't count these out!)
20ml Progesterone in Sesame Oil

It's really and truly all here... The needles are big... not bigger than I imagined, just big! They made me feel a little queasy looking at them - just being honest! I KNOW that I'll get over it when it's time to start giving myself the shots, it just made me a little nervous!

I track my temperature on - which I realize is silly considering I'm on BCPs, but it helps me know when to expect my period, and I like to know the pills are doing what they're supposed to be doing. Well, my temp took a big dive this morning, so AF should be on her way! I'm thinking by tomorrow AM as things are currently "all clear"! :)

My IF's last e-mail was talking about how difficult the 2ww will be - and I can't help but know it will be insane for me! I will be so excited to get that BFP, it will be so hard to concentrate on anything else! But thankfully I have a busy office, so I know if I throw myself into my work the days will go by fairly quickly.

My sister got her flight information to come to Georgia - she'll arrive on Friday July 7th, and we'll have my Company Picnic at Six Flags on Saturday the 8th, then we'll fly to New Jersey on Sunday the 9th for a Monday transfer! I can't wait for Ruth to get here - we'll be so busy visiting and doing things together it will make those last couple days go by at super speed! Then I will probably have Monday - Friday off from work, we should get back from transfer on Wednesday, and Ruth and I are going to hang out, and she'll go home on Saturday. I think it's good that I'll be home, I can take it extra easy and eat lots of pineapple and make McDonald's french fry runs!!

Ok, that's it for now - my next update should be when I go for my first blood and ultrasound, hopefully on Friday!!


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