A Quick Update

Just about 1 week left til it's time to head on over to NJ!! Yay! I talked to Fran on Monday, she'd had some internet issues and hadn't received my e-mails, so we chatted and she said she'd gotten the results from Memorial after a little drama over the fact that my OB failed to add the "s" to the end of my last name on the culture vials. They were, of course, negative. She also received the letter from my HR manager stating my income amount for reimbursement purposes, for the trip as well as for contracts (which will hopefully be starting SOON)!

Its been fun, on SMO there are several of us all using the same agency, and it sort of bonds you instantly, because you feel connected in such a unique way. There are also several of us in the same area here in Georgia who will be getting together this weekend for lunch at Smokey Bones, which I'm super excited about! I realized I would love the opportunity to meet with some surrogates who have "been there and done that" to ask questions and just hear first hand their thoughts and opinions and advice, so I posted about a lunch date on SMO and got a good response. I'm really looking forward to Saturday! We're also having Kenneth's family over for dinner Saturday afternoon, so it will be a really busy weekend (again)!

This past weekend was crazy, but lots of fun. We were supposed to go to the Air Show at NAS Atlanta on Saturday, but we got to the parking lot at 2pm and they had JUST closed the base, they were over capacity. I was so bummed! But, it gave me time to go home and relax a little before our friends came over for dinner around 6pm. They stayed til 9 and we had a really good time together!

On Sunday we met my Grandmother (who was visiting from Washington) at the Georgia Aquarium and had an afternoon there, and then went to dinner together. That was really fun, the Aquarium is just amazing, and Kent had an ABSOLUTE blast! I promised him I'd take him back sometime, hopefully in the near future. We didn't have very much time for him to play in the Explorer section, where they had tons and tons of hands on pools, you could touch everything from starfish, sharks, stingrays to shrimp!!

We're meeting Kenneth's grandmother tonight at Kohls for some summer shopping for Kent, which will be helpful - he's just grown out of everything from last year! I caved and bought him several new pairs of shorts 2 weeks ago, but I'm realizing he needs new t-shirts as well, and definitely new shoes. He tears his shoes up every 3 months, I swear!


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