It's Monday! 3 More Days Until the Trip!

Well the weekend was great - it flew by though. I spent my Saturday morning on SMO, then headed out for lunch with a few other ladies at Smokey Bones, and got there right at noon. 3 surrogates and 1 IM attended, and it was fabulous to meet them all! I loved hearing their stories about their past surrogacies (2 are on their 3rd surro-pregancies, both pregnant with twins, and the other surrogate is finishing up contracts for her 2nd surrogacy).

I brought my son, and one of the other moms brought her 3 children, and the IM brought her two older sons. They sat at the table next to us and were very good - I realized as we wrapped things up we'd been there over 3 hours! Wow!! Time DOES fly when you're having fun! I had thought to bring our portable DVD player, so Kent and the other kids were pretty well entertained watching Spy Kids and Harry Potter while we chatted.

I rushed home, threw the ribs in the oven, tidied up the house, and got dinner ready for when my MIL, FIL, and SILs came for dinner at 6:30. We had a good time, and it was nice to spend some time with them! Then Sunday was a lazy rainy morning, Kent and I watched TV had breakfast, and I played on the computer. We got ready to go by 1pm and ran errands for about 3 hours, including SAMS, Wal Mart, the bank, and The Shane Co. (for Mother's Day)! I had to get Mother's Day cards and gifts, graduation cards and cash, and a Baby Shower card and gift! I was so tired by the time I got home! We had tons of leftovers, so I just put the ribs back in the oven, made a few extra mashed potatoes, and heated up some green beans and rolls. The dogs have been THRILLED to have the bones to chew on. I also had to get several packages ready to go, and need to mail them today. I sold some of Kent's summer clothes from last year on E-Bay, so that's going out, along with my mom's present, and a care package for my brother's baby, Sofia, for her upcoming time in the hospital for her next open heart surgery. ( I sent her a couple soft squishy stuffed animals to keep her company, and lots of movies Kent has gotten too old for (they have their own TV and VCR in her recovery room) to help keep her entertained. I think I put a book in there as well.

Now I'm gearing up for Thursday, I'm so excited and ready to go. I'll probably start packing clothes tomorrow, and finish up with all the bathroom items on Wednesday evening. I just need to find out about our e-tickets (I've only received my itinerary so far, not the actual tickets) and then we're outta here!


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