Background Checks Done, Now Contracts!

My head is just spinning! Fran and I spent about 2 hours on the phone last night going over contract related questions, from life insurance, to how many attempts I'm willing to do, to childcare expenses for a multitude of possible circumstances, invasive procedure fees, would I stay on life support, to contact after delivery!! It was a huge list, and there are so many "what ifs". I want VERY much to be fair to the IPs, and it makes it hard for me to pick a good dollar amount for things like childcare while on bedrest, because the numbers sound so high, but at the same time I want VERY much to make sure that me and my family are covered, because I don't want to be stressed out by worrying what might happen to us if something bad did happen and I didn't feel like the contract would adequately cover our needs... I do also feel confident that if for any reason our actual expenses exceeded the contract allottments, that the IPs would allow a contract amendment or would help us take care of the problem, so I guess I really do feel ok about just picking a dollar amount to put in the contract and going from there! I am so ready to move forward!

We talked about where I'm at in my cycle, and whether or not we'll be able to make the June date or not; I will have to stay on active pills until contracts are completed and we can get my meds protocol in place. I think we're still hopeful that I can just extend by maybe a week on active pills, and that will get us where we need to be. (That would be 10 more days on active pills from today.)

So, obviously since we're moving forward with contracts the background checks came back fine! Apparently, because we've moved so many times thanks to the Marines and our semi-nomadic lifestyle our first 6 years together the complete background check would have been very expensive, so I think they ended up just running it for our current state (we've lived here over 2 years now though).

Things are just zipping along! Here is my "summary version" so far:

3.14.06 - Faxed application to Fran
3.22.06 - Had phone "interview" with Fran
3.25.06 - Had initial teleconference with T&I
4.18.06 - 4 Preliminary cultures taken
4.27.06 - Culture results from OB came back
5.11.06 - Fly to NJ, meet T&I and Fran, have sono-hysterogram and labs at Cooper
5.12.06 - Pyschology Appointment, fly back to Atlanta
5.16.06 - Most labs back, all clear
5.17.06 - Faxed background check authorizations to Fran
5.22.06 - Background checks came back clear
5.23.06 - Spoke to Fran for 2 hours going over preliminary Contract questionnaire

Just over 2 months from when I initially contacted Fran, and we're already into contracts!! I'm really excited and ready to move forward with my wonderful IPs.


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