Back from Testing!

I was going slightly crazy at work, with excitement, on Wednesday, so I left a little early. Honey, Kenneth's grandmother, had agreed to pick Kent up from daycare and take him to Ken & Donna's (MIL & FIL). So, Kenneth and I took advantage of having an evening free and went to a movie (Mission Impossible 3) and had dinner at Outback, which was very nice! We got home, finished packing and went straight to bed.

We were up at 3:45 on Thursday morning, we showered, changed, put last minute items in our overnight bag (we managed to travel with just ONE duffel bag) and got the dogs settled. Then we headed out at about 5am for our 7am flight. We got to the airport, parked in long term parking, and checked in curbside. We got to our gate with about 45 minutes to spare, and boarded about 20 minutes later, it all went very smoothly and quickly. We were delayed about 20 minutes getting off the ground due to radio trouble with the Flight Management System, but they got us moving eventually. The flight was nice and quiet. We got delayed another 15-20 minutes once we arrived in Philadelphia because of all the air traffic and too many incoming flights!

Eventually we landed, and headed to Ground Transportation. We got our Rapid Rover, and headed to the hotel where we found T & I waiting for us with a beautiful gift basket full of New Jersey treats!! It was wonderful to finally see them in person! We got checked in, put our bag in our room, and once Fran arrived we headed over to Cracker Barrel for a late breakfast. I was starving by then and enjoyed my eggs and bacon! Kenneth and "T" both have military backgrounds, so they hit it off and talked quite a bit about war history, and military related topics! "I", Fran, and I got to know each other a little better and talked about "I"s work in real estate.

Pretty soon, Fran headed off to Cooper to get things lined up there, and get paperwork and payments taken care of. T & I drove Kenneth and I over there around 1, and I began filling out the mountains of paperwork. T & I left us there, and said they'd be back around 3 to pick us up. Kenneth and I had our consult with Dr. Brasille, who I really liked. She was very knowledgeable, thorough, and gave us plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

Next Kenneth went back to the lobby, and I had my sono-hysterogram (which albeit unpleasant didn't last too long)! I was told everthing looked great, so we could proceed with our bloodwork. Kenneth and I took our turns at the Vampire Den, and then Kenneth had a urine culture and that was it! We spoke with Kim, Fran's assistant, and she went through her "list" to verify we'd had everything neccessary done. Then T & I took us back to our hotel, and they went to do some shopping and "I" had to handle some business while Kenneth and I relaxed a little - well, he went for a run, and I took a nap! T & I came back around 5pm and took us to dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant! We talked for about another 3 hours, before they returned us to our hotel and headed home. The time just flew by!

The next morning, T picked Kenneth and I up, we checked out and threw our bag in the back of his vehicle, and he took us to our pyschology appointment. We were a little early, so we chatted for a little while before the counselor arrived. We were with her about an hour and half and were asked many questions about our health and family histories, our relationship, what had drawn me to surrogacy, and other questions designed to find out if we knew what we were getting into, and determine why we were getting into it! She was very nice, very up front and honest with us, and made me feel very comfortable. It was nice for me to hear Kenneth expressing his support in such a verbal manner. I KNOW he supports me, and I KNOW he gets why I feel compelled to be a surrogate, but to hear him say it out loud was really special for me.

So, then "T" met us out front, and we went and had coffee at Starbucks before heading for the airport. "T" dropped us off curbside, we said our goodbyes, and I gave him a copy of "Surrogacy Was The Way" which I really enjoyed and thought they would as well. Kenneth and I checked in and went to have a drink and a leisurely lunch (we were over 2 hours early). It was nice to relax a little!

The flight back was an "express" flight - and was super tiny! It was fine up until landing which I found incredibly turbulent, and it really upset my stomach. When I told T & I they said they would make sure my flight home after transfer was much smoother!! :) No one wants to shake my stomach up more than neccessary after transfer!!

So, we are home, we are tired, and we are thrilled with how everything went! I can't express how attached I am to T & I and how excited I am at the prospect of being their surrogate and helping them become parents, which they so obviously want!!

Next comes background checks and contracts, hopefully we can get moving on contracts by next week so we can aim for a June cycle/transfer.


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