#FirstMondayFavorites ~ November 2017

It is time for First Monday Favorites. My friend Sid of  Sid's Sea Palm Cooking, invited some of her blogger friends to join her on the first Monday of each month to share a recipe that is our personal favorite creation from the prior month's blog posts.

This past month is really the first month I've been active on my blog in awhile. Life has been a little topsy turvy for awhile, in a good way for the most part - but busy and I've been figuring out priorities and how to make time for the things that matter most to me. This has meant a lot more time out of the house with the kids and my sister and our friends. I am extremely extroverted and I just like being on the go and out and about frequently. This has left less time for exploring in the kitchen, and even less time for photographs and blog posts. But as the time has passed and I've settled into my new single mom life, and adjusted to Kent's medical condition which has stabilized over the past couple years, I've decided I miss the blogging community, and being more creative in the kitchen instead of just throwing things together or relying on easy and quick favorites (BLTs, anyone?)

So here I am - happy to have the chance to share with you my favorite from the month of October - for me it was the Apple Focaccia with Gruyère and Rosemary made for the #CrazyIngredientChallenge last month. That bread was just really amazing, and really easy to put together too!

See what the other First Monday Favorite Bloggers are sharing with us today - what made your list of favorites for October?

First Monday Favorites


  1. Good to know life is busy in a good way! I think you picked a fantastic recipe as your favorite!

  2. Love Apples and Gruyere together and on a Focaccia, even better. Thanks so much for stopping by and linking to First Monday Favorites.


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