Destin, Florida ~ Beautiful Crystal Beach!

A couple weeks ago I ran away for a mini weekend vacation. I think it is the first "vacation" outside of Georgia I've been on in A.G.E.S. I've done a couple mini vacations within the state, but this time we went to Destin, Florida. It was so gorgeous. I totally forgot to take my good camera, but that didn't stop me from snapping a few pictures with my cell phone!

Riding with the windows down - look at those big beautiful clouds and bright blue skies!

The view from the bridge as we crossed over to Destin. (It was really interesting how different it looked the next day driving back across - much darker and small white foamy waves from the bad weather further out).

I couldn't WAIT to get my feet into that gorgeous white sand. I am pretty sure Crystal Beach is the first white sand beach I've been on. I've visited many beaches, and spent quite a bit of time at them when we lived in Senegal, West Africa, but that white sand? It's perfection. I could have just sat in it, staring out at the blue, blue water all day long.

We were supposed to go on a sunset dolphin cruise Saturday evening, but there was some weather coming in on the Gulf of Mexico that had the cruise operators concerned enough to cancel it. I was bummed, but there is always next time (there will be a next time)!

We stayed at The Beachside Inn and I have nothing but good things to say about them. They greeted us with a loaf of yummy banana bread, and the rooms were clean, bright, and stocked with a mini fridge, coffee and coffee pot, big beautiful bathroom, and a super comfortable bed. I have already told Kylie and our good friend Tasha we are all going, soon - and taking the kiddos - and I can't wait to get back!

The Beachside Inn features two on-site restaurants - Camille's Restaurant which is a lovely establishment for lunch / dinner featuring a fresh sushi menu, and the adorable Camille's Cafe which is street side and the perfect spot to stop for an iced coffee or smoothie on your way across the street to the convenient beach access.


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