Lindsey's 19 Month Old Vocabulary Check In

I love having these posts to look back on later to see what baby girl was saying when!

Her 12 Month List:
  1. Duck - when I ask where the duck is she hands me her yellow rubber ducky (in the bathtub) and says "duck"!
  2. Dada - she knows who her daddy is and when she thinks she hears him in another room she'll say "dada?" or sometimes it sounds like dayduh!
  3. Mama - she certainly knows who mama is and calls out for me when she's upset, and says it repeatedly when I get home.
  4. Bro bro - She says it "bruh bruh"and knows who her big brother is!
  5. Baba - She still gets a water bottle at bedtime, and says "baba" or "wawa" for "drink" regardless of what she actually means or wants, so we get to translate!
  6. Nana - Banana (doesn't use this one very often)
  7. Ni-ni - Nite-Nite (she doesn't use this one very often)
  8. Bye-bye - She says bye or bye-bye and waves when you tell her to say "bye bye"
  9. Book - she makes a funny sound when she says "book" now - almost a little exclamation / explosion at the end - like book-kah!!!
  10. Hi - she says "hi" as a greeting sometimes, especially when we say it to her, or when she picks up a phone to hold to her head and "talk" to! 
  11. Yeah - her favorite word. Ask Lindsey just about any question and she'll say "yeah" and nod her head.
  12. Yay - when we clap about something exciting or new Lindsey did, or to music, or whatever it may be she will say "Yay!!" as she claps her little hands!
  13. Uh-Oh! - she knows uh-oh for when she drops something, or something falls. Usually it's when she deliberately drops something on the floor.
  14. Done - or something very close to it. We have been trying to teach her "all done" when she's done eating and when she's ready to get out of the bathtub, and she'll reach her hands up and say "done" or something very close to it.
  15. Ball - sounds like "bah". She knows what a ball is and will say it when she picks one up and carries it around (she has a ball pit and will carry the balls around and say "bah, bah, bah".
New Words Since Then:
  1. Shay Shay - our best former neighbor's dog name, she knows their puppy Shay Shay!
  2. Side - Outside. She grabs my hand, takes me to the door saying "side" as soon as I get home almost every day!
  3. Shoes - she knows when we say "shoes" it's time to go outside, and she'll walk around saying shoes, or pick them up and bring them to me!
  4. Sticker - she says it "stick-uh", she loves her stickers!
  5. Bubble(s) - she LOVES bubbles, outside and inside. She loves whipping the little plastic bubble wand around outside to make bubbles, and she loves tubby time bubbles too!
  6. Car - a new one, she loves to go sit in the car and says "cah" "cah" "cah" and walks over to the door.
  7. Stitch - it sounds like "stit" - from Lilo and Stich.
  8. Sull - Sulley from Monsters Inc.
  9. Wawa - water for drink or bath water
  10. Ow - whenever I say "ow" about something she loves to get dramatic and play smack herself or fall down and say "ow, ow, ow"! 
  11. Up - she can repeat "up" when I ask if she wants me to pick her up, or when it's time to go up the stairs, or when she's asking to get up on the bed.
  12. Down - for down the stairs.
  13. Please - she says "peas" when you ask her to say it.
  14. Nank  or nanky - Thank you; she's getting better about using thank you when you give her something she wanted.
  15. Stick - she knows sticks and likes to collect them when we're out for nature walks in the neighborhood.
  16. Memo (me-mo) - Nemo from Finding Nemo
  17. Mo - Elmo
  18. Stah - star; she loves her little nightlight turtle that projects starts and moons onto the ceiling and walls!
  19. Boat - she likes to say "boat" and use her toy boat in the tub, making funny boat noises while she does
  20. Dog - she knows her doggies!
  21. Bowl - she loves asking for bowls to put things in, and dump them back out of!
  22. Juice - Lindsey gets a fruit / veggie smoothie every day that we call her "juice" and she loves to say "joooooos!!"
  23. Cheese - she loves to say "cheese" for one of her favorite foods - sounds like chiss.
  24. "S'that?" - What's that? She says that ALL the time.
  25. Door - she'll point or knock on the front door and say "doow".
  26. Moow - More; she's learning to say "more" for another bite or another piece, or another sticker.
  27. Cake - she says cake for cupcake or will say cake when she wants a treat of some sort. When it was breakfast time she walked me to the refrigerator and said cake about 10 times!
  28. Baby - she loves to say "baby" when she sees herself in the mirror, or another child, or a baby in a book, or to her dollys. So cute!
  29. Bea - bear, but it sounds like be-uh. She has a couple bear stuffed animals, and will point them out in books. 
  30. No ma! - "No ma'am", it sounds like "No, ma-yuh" guess where she learned that one from?! Yep, she's heard that a few times from her mama!
  31. Nooooo - she's heard us tell our foster puppy "no" a few times and now when the puppy is barking she'll point her little finger at that puppy and very seriously say "noooooo"!
  32. Get - Another repeater, she says that to the dogs sometimes when they're underfoot in the kitchen (or right after she hears mama, brother, or daddy say it to them).
  33. Stuck - last night she was telling me the little acorn tops were "stuck" in between the boards on the back deck. She'd point at them, tell me "stuck" and grab my hand to pull me over to get them out (she likes to make "toddler soup" in dog's water bowl with sticks and acorn tops!)
  34. Stop - repeater word. When mommy says Lindsey stop that, she says "stop, stop, stop".
  35. Wait - repeater word. When I ask her to wait please, she says "wait? wait?"
I'm positive there are other ones, I'll have to go home and listen to my little chatterbox and add the rest later. Love listening to her vocabulary growing as she starts connecting sounds with objects and characters!


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