Lindsey vs. The Spaghetti

I'm pretty sure it's in the rule books somewhere that all babies must have a picture of themselves naked covered in spaghetti. If it's not in the rule books, I vote that we add it.

Lindsey is 10 months old (11 months in another week!) and this was her first encounter with spaghetti!

Lindsey's first bite. She wasn't quite sure what she thought at first - but she warmed up to it pretty quickly!

Then we gave Lindsey the spoon and let her start feeding herself...

 It didn't take long for noodles, sauce, and little pieces of meatball to start covering Lindsey's face, tummy, and tray.

Max hung out under the high chair - prime real estate for a puppy on watch for baby food droppage!

 Lindsey was really enjoying her meal!

Happy girl - full tummy and spaghetti EVERYWHERE. Straight into the tubby for this little ladybug!

And, since this generally is a food blog, here's the link to our Italian Spaghetti Sauce with Meatballs! :)


  1. Great pictures. I didn't get a spaghetti pic with my kids but I wish I had.

    1. Thanks Michael! :) It's fun to have pics of your kids covered in something - pudding, spaghetti, marker, baby powder, mud... if it's not one thing, it's surely something else.

  2. Yup covered in cake and spaghetti pics are a mus!!! She is such a doll and I LOVE the picture with your dog

    1. Can't wait for her 1st birthday so we can get those covered in cake pictures! :) Thank you for stopping by Fie - and Max LOVES when it's dinner time for Lindsey; he gets so excited and heads straight for his spot next to the high chair. :)


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