Lindsey and Kent - Before the Storm

Lindsey was getting fussy on Sunday (the day she turned 11 months!) after being cooped up inside most of the weekend, so I decided to take her outside for a little fresh air which she seems to love (as long as it's not too hot, or too bright out)! There was thunder cracking in the distance, and I knew a storm was coming, but figured we had at least 20 - 30 minutes we could sit and let her play in the grass and take it all in.

Kent joined us after we'd been outside for about 10 minutes, and he and Lindsey cuddled and played together while I snapped a few shots. They are adorable together. I love my two sweet redheads. :) Kent is the best big brother you could ask for, and Lindsey completely adores her "bro bro".

We decided to call it "quits" outside when the wind all of a sudden picked up and the skies got even darker. Lindsey seemed to love it though!! She put her face right into the wind and smiled as it swept over her face. That little girl has some spunk and personality, that is for sure! :)


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