Thai Mango in Hiram, Georgia


We decided to try out Thai Mango the other day and oh my gosh - it was so good!! We'd tried another Asian restaurant recently and were very disappointed but had heard great things about Thai Mango.

I ordered the Shrimp Fried Rice, Pepper Steak, and Chicken Pad Thai. We also loved our order of crispy spring rolls - the dipping sauce was delicious!

Kent enjoyed the Fried Rice a lot - I didn't put the full amount on his plate because it was a large portion, but he ate it all and then finished the rest I'd left in the box too. The only complaint is that there were only a couple pieces of shrimp and veggies, it was mostly rice and the texture was very dry but the flavor was delicious and the shrimp were cooked beautifully!

The chicken Pad Thai was the best dish, I thought. Perfect combination of ingredients, perfectly seasoned, just the right amount of sauce, and great ratio of noodles to the rest of the ingredients. So good! I will definitely order that again. Kent had a bite - he's never had Pad Thai before and he really liked it! Smart boy. :)

Kenneth ate his entire dish of Pepper Steak up without much conversation - so I'm thinking he really enjoyed his as well!

I'm so glad to have a good Thai restaurant in town - generally steak and barbecue places do well around here and we don't get very many ethnic options so this is a very nice treat and I can't wait to enjoy dining there again soon!

To end this post - here is a picture of our sweet girl 2 weeks ago, at 6 months and 1 week old. Enjoying watching the puppies running around the back yard as the sun set!


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