Happy 7 Months Lindsey Rose!

Our baby girl is growing up so FAST! This month has absolutely been flying by and Lindsey is now 7 months old. We went with pink camo for this month's pictures along with some of her daddy's Marine Corps gear for props. She loved the helmet and kept wanting to touch it and examine it. She thought the laces on the boots were pretty interesting too, and possibly good for eating (as are most things she can get her hands around these days!)

Lindsey has had a long ear infection this past month that started not long after she started back to daycare (about 4 weeks ago). She was pretty sick for about a week, then the ear infection has lingered. She was given a round of antibiotics, but vomited it back up every time we would give her a dose. We dealt with fighting her over meds for about 4 days before giving up. When she was checked again earlier this week the infection was still there, so she's on a different type of antibiotic which thankfully she is taking without a fuss so fingers crossed it is cleared up by her recheck on May 5th. She's still tugging on her ears every now and then, but also looks close to breaking her front top teeth through, so it's hard to tell what is ear infection pain and teething pain.

She is such a PRECIOUS girl!! I adore my baby so much - I cannot wait to see her face when I'm on my way home each evening and am always so thankful on weekend days to have the chance to enjoy her all day long. She is my light. I love seeing her smile, seeing her discover her world around her, hearing her giggles, and watching her try to figure things out. She is a roly poly and likes to roll all around the house. She seems like she's getting closer to crawling, almost achieving the hands and knees position but and wiggling her butt back and forth but not moving her knees forward just yet. She likes to stand with support and bounce or "dance" - she's such a wiggle worm!

She grabs at EVERYTHING she sees now. She used to be entertained by the bathroom mirror when we go in there at night for her tubby, but now she locks straight onto whatever is on the countertop and tries to throw herself from my arms to get at it... she does that pretty much all the time now. Whenever I'm holding her and we walk by something she wants, she throws herself at it. Makes carrying her around lively!!

She has gotten so much more vocal the past couple weeks. Making very distinct "ma, ba, ga" sounds, often in repetition, but definitely deliberate and clear. She gets REALLY talkative sometimes and we'll have conversations where we repeat back whatever serious of sounds she makes and wait for a response.

She has a very distinctive squeal she makes when Max, our basset hound, comes over to visit her which is absolutely adorable. She squinches up her eyes and turns away when he licks her face, then turns right back to look at him and try to pet / grab at him. She always goes for his eyes. Poor puppy. He's so patient with her.

Fun facts:
* She rolls ALL OVER THE HOUSE - this way, that way, here and there.
* She pulls her knees up under her, but isn't crawling yet.
* She's feeding herself her bottle really well at this point....
* She still doesn't sleep through the night - she wakes up 2-3 times still (between 8pm - 8am)
* She loves to smile and giggle when she first wakes up and is generally a very happy girl.
* She's back at daycare now and seems to be doing very well and enjoys all the activity.
* She has 2 new teeth so far (bottom front), and we're guessing the top 2 are on their way soon!
* She loves to pull on my hair whenever she can get her fingers around it.
* She really likes smooshed fresh banana!
* She loves her "bear movie" aka "Brave" that she gets to watch most mornings before daddy takes her to daycare.
* She is our little sunshine and I just love her to pieces.


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