That's One Way to Loose a Few Pounds...

I debated blogging about this, but am sure I will want to look back someday and reminisce oh so fondly about the pain I am currently in, self-imposed I am constantly reminding myself! I have thought about getting a tongue piercing for years... not sure why I just didn't do it a long time ago, but I didn't, and ever since I entered the world of surrogacy in early 2006 it's not been an option because of testing and transfer timelines (you have to have at least 12 months from any piercing and tattoo prior to a cycle with most clinics, some will allow a waiver I believe, but those are the guidelines so I always played it safe). I have also been in an office environment since we moved to Georgia in 2003 and that has contributed as well. I didn't want to look unprofessional (although I have just now learned about the pretty much invisible covers you can get for your barbell so no one will see it which is very cool!) I think many will probably think I'm too old to have just gotten one, but oh well, you don't get body art or jewelry for someone else, you do it for yourself. My husband has always told me to just do it if I wanted to and so I finally did.

I've been going back and forth to the tattoo shop the past couple weeks trying to connect with an artist who I click with and who would take on a memorial tattoo project I've had in mind for my mom for the past couple years, and while I was there yesterday to meet with someone I went ahead and had them do the piercing. It wasn't too bad the first day, definitely sore and swollen but the swelling is worse today and for the most part I feel ok, but haven't felt so hot a few times. I am limiting my talking as much as possible and really have to stick with a soft/liquid diet. I have tried to eat "real" food a couple times and it doesn't usually go that well. I made a big batch of pudding and jello tonight that will be on the menu pretty much all day tomorrow I think. I have also created a quick and easy smoothie that tastes good and goes down easy that I've already had for lunch and dinner today and will probably have again a time or two tomorrow. 1 cup of milk, about 1/4 cup frozen strawberries, 1 small banana, a handful of spinach leaves, and a big handful of frozen pineapple chunks. I figure at least I'm getting some veggies in since I'm not going to be having a salad or steamed broccoli in the next couple days! I did consider pureeing some carrots though - I might if I get desperate for something different before this swelling goes down and I can go back to "normal" eating. Lots and lots of ice water all day and I am making sure to keep my mouth clean with mouthwash and good rinsing after eating. Hopefully it will start healing up in the next couple days and my mouth will return to normal again!

In any event, being on a primarily liquid diet is more than likely going to result in me loosing at least a couple pounds this week - so that's one way to kickstart my post-delivery weight loss! I have been able to start working out again too this week, very slowly, but have walked twice on the treadmill the last couple days - a mile each day in 30 minutes - without pain so that is progress for me since last week when I walked a mile in an hour my abdomen hurt for a day or two afterwards. I think healing is going well and I will keep easing back into a normal routine as long as I feel ok doing it.

I did make progress with the tattoo project today - met with someone who has some good ideas and will help work something up for me. I have to take a few more pictures back to him probably tomorrow so he can draw something up. I'm excited to see what he comes up with and hope he'll be able to fit me in soon so I can get the work done. I can't wait! :)


  1. Good to hear you're able to walk more with less pain. Glad you're healing.

  2. Good for you!!! Glad you did what youve wanted to for so long!!!

    As for the tattoo...thats awesome. Its really important that you find an artist you click with and will do what you want (as long as it will look good). As a tattooed lady, I would say its important to listen to the artist when it comes to placement and size, and to check out their work. Also, personally, for me, cleanliness is VERY important. Im not just talking autoclaving their machines, but also placing bags on the wires and machine while doing the tattoo. Everything should be covered....IMO. Using s new needle, out of its packaged, and doing this set up in front of me so I can see how they clean/sterilize the area. Its why I only go to the shop I go to. I dont know about in the states, but here we have blood and airborne pathogens testing and to me its important that the artist has both. Im totally anal lol


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