Post Partum Check Up!

I am officially "all clear" from the OB and released back out into the wild. :) She asked me if I planned to do this again and I said if I got the ok from her I would probably consider it in a year or so but don't have set plans to do another surrogacy at this time. She checked me out and said "You're all clear honey bunny!" :) It was a quick appointment but everything looked good and I'm healing well. I meant to ask her about excercise but guess I'll just ease into it as I've been planning to and stop when it hurts. I still get tugging/burning sensations on one side internally from the c-section and my energy levels aren't all the way back to normal yet, but overall I'm feeling really good and in some ways its kind of nice to have had the experience of going through a c-section. I've had 3 completely different types of deliveries now and those personal experiences have taught me a lot about what I am capable of, what my body is capable of, how I react, how I heal, etc. I don't regret a single one of them and wouldn't change them at all. Each of my deliveries has been unique and special in their own ways.

I don't have a follow up appointment until September for my annual check up, which seems like forever from now after the past couple months of TONS of doctor and hospital visits!

I found out baby A went home yesterday and so with that I feel a huge sense of relief and peace as well. I feel like my role is "complete" now and I am thankful the girls are home with their parents and hopefully they can have their happily ever after as a family. I wish them all the best!

I am still pumping for probably one more week, and I have my placement testing for college coming up on Thursday. Kent has Friday off from school and sometime by this weekend I want to get to the tattoo shop again and talk to a different artist. I didn't like the guy I went out on Sunday and met with so I need to keep looking.

We've been making plans for our upcoming Washington visit at the end of the month and its going to be a wonderful, busy and family packed week and I'm VERY excited and very much looking forward to it. I have a goal in my head to be back into pre-pregnancy clothes by then and hope I can do it! If not, oh well, I'll go shopping right before and have some new clothes. :) About two more months until Kenneth gets to come home for his visit too - each day we get a little closer and I cannot WAIT until its time for his visit - we miss him so much!!


  1. Yeah for feeling well, babies at home and being in the all "clear". Bring on the workout ... you will be back in shape in no time. Way to go Rebekah :-)

  2. Wonderful update!!!! So glad you got the all clear! I look forward to reading your blog of delicious recipes too! :)

  3. I'm so glad your doing well! Up till now I wasn't able to comment on your blog:; I read it just couldn't comment :)


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