Marietta Square Farmers Market - March 17th!

Another absolutely gorgeous day for a Farmer's Market visit! I remembered my camera this time so I got lots of good pictures! :)

 There are horse drawn carriage rides around the Square!

 Kent stopping to pet puppies and let Brutus sniff them and check them out too.

 Enjoying a pastry from Hoboken Bread & Bagel Co.

Next we headed over to My Dad & Me Family Farm for our weekly milk pick up!

Kent had to stop to pet Zippy (and all the other farm critters)!

You can see the Jersey milk cows in their pasture.

Kent stopped to visit and pet some of the bunnies who were out enjoying some fresh air and green grass.

 He found a 3-leaf clover on his sandals when we got back in the car which I know is not special like a 4-leaf but was still fitting for St. Patrick's Day. 

 Fresh raw milk and pastured eggs from My Dad & Me.
Handmade soap from The Herb Garden (Kent had fun picking out his favorites! Tomato, Peppermint and Lemon-Lime) and really delicious smoked Trout from Diana's Specialties.

 Some all natural flavored butter from Butter Sensations, really delicious jam from Emily G's and some applewood smoked bacon from Pine Street Market (they are there cooking bacon for everyone to smell, how you can you NOT take a pack home??!).

 And I had to get another bag of the Bikini Bars from Fat Lady Baker (because I ate them in about 1 day last week when we brought a bag home) and we also got some fresh made hummus, olive tapenade and pita bread from Blu Greek Taverna! Yumm!! A great way to start the weekend for sure!


  1. I totally need a snack now just from reading about all your goodies :-)


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