22w1d OB Appt

Today was our 22 week OB appointment! Jenn and I arrived at the same time and she noticed the belly growth since the last couple weeks too - so it's not entirely just my imagination! :)

We met with one of the midwives. The appointment itself was kind of "ehh" (as in I didn't particularly "like" the person we saw today) but we are now scheduled for the Glucose Tolerance Test in 4 weeks (oh the JOY!!) and I did get my belly measured for the first time and was told I'm measuring 31 weeks today (I had gotten 33 centimeters when I tried to check at home last night - so I was close!) We go to bi-weekly appointments after this next one as we will be into the THIRD TRIMESTER at that point!! Holy moly!!

I did mention I've been having some shortness of breath, some light headed moments with my vision feeling a little fuzzy (not regularly but occasionally), along with the ankle and feet swelling now and some rapid weight gain this past month. None of that seemed to concern her at all since my blood pressure was good and overall everything else is normal - sounds like some of those things that I normally wouldn't feel until the last month or so of pregnancy are just going to be starting a lot sooner this time, which I figured they would I just wanted reassurance those things weren't a signal of anything wrong or things I should be paying super close attention to. She encouraged a high protein diet with very limited sugars/carbs (ie diabetic diet) to make sure babies and I are getting the nutrients we need as we all grow!

Sounds like next appointment will be relatively "boring" - just a quick check in after lab work for the GTT - I have to drink the glucose drink about 30 minutes prior to the appointment. It just so happens Kenneth will be home that day and I'm very thankful - he'll be able to drive me to and from as I know I'm going to be feeling really lousy after drinking the glucose solution. It does a number on my system since I've had gastric bypass. Hopefully I will pass with flying colors and it will all be well worth the discomfort of the day! I will just need to have LOTS of water to drink afterwards to flush my system and will probably need to sleep it off. It's going to be a busy couple days with appointments for me and Kenneth - I'm taking the 19th - 21st off to be home while he's home, but we'll have my OB appointment on Monday then his VA evaluation for his back claim with them at some point that same day and an afternoon appointment for his 6-month post op follow up with his spinal surgeon the next day! I know there will be a get together with his family who's local too either Saturday or Sunday for early birthday and Christmas celebration.

It's now about 2:30 in the afternoon and I will get to head home soon - a couple errands and then go home and get a few things tidied up to get ready for Kenneth getting home late tonight! Yay!! :)


  1. YAY!! Everything sounds perfect! So glad it was nothing serious or your phone woulda been ringing, LOL! Enjoy the time with your honey! Miss you!! xoxoxo


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