Started Meds Last Night

My estradiol was 58, my progesterone .4 - low enough to start meds! Cooper called and started giving me a straight estrace protocol and I asked why my coordinator had given me soemthing different; they said to follow what Fran sent and asked me to fax a copy to them. I'm not sure why they didn't have it, but hopefully we're all on the same page now!

My next blood and ultrasound will be Monday the 23rd and my first acupuncture appt is that evening at 5:00pm. I'm really looking forward to that, and pray, pray, pray things go well for us this time. I want SOOOO badly to get to a transfer!! I wanna be preggo for T&I!!

I've already got a whopper of a headache, and its only day 1 on estrogen... I think Tylenol and I are going to be buddies the next couple weeks!

It feels really surreal to be cycling again after everything that's gone on - the cancellations, the delays, the disappointments. Part of me is really, really hopeful and excited, and part of me is just very wary right now of getting to excited again... I have faith that whatever is meant to me will be, and I just have to let the rest go!

I hope I have some good news next Monday and that things are progressing as they should.


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